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Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR)
Article 442

Article 442 — Disclosure of exposures to credit risk and dilution risk

Institutions shall disclose the following information regarding their exposures to credit risk and dilution risk:

  1. the scope and definitions that they use for accounting purposes of past due and impaired and the differences, if any, between the definitions of past due and default for accounting and regulatory purposes;
  2. a description of the approaches and methods adopted for determining specific and general credit risk adjustments;
  3. information on the amount and quality of performing, non-performing and forborne exposures for loans, debt securities and off-balance-sheet exposures, including their related accumulated impairment, provisions and negative fair value changes due to credit risk and amounts of collateral and financial guarantees received;
  4. an ageing analysis of accounting past due exposures;
  5. the gross carrying amounts of both defaulted and non-defaulted exposures, the accumulated specific and general credit risk adjustments, the accumulated write-offs taken against those exposures and the net carrying amounts and their distribution by geographical area and industry type and for loans, debt securities and off-balance-sheet exposures;
  6. any changes in the gross amount of defaulted on- and off-balance-sheet exposures, including, as a minimum, information on the opening and closing balances of those exposures, the gross amount of any of those exposures reverted to non-defaulted status or subject to a write-off;
  7. the breakdown of loans and debt securities by residual maturity.