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Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR)
Article 428f

Article 428f — Interdependent assets and liabilities

  1. Subject to prior approval of the competent authorities, an institution may treat an asset and a liability as interdependent, provided that all the following conditions are met:
    1. the institution acts solely as a pass-through unit to channel the funding from the liability into the corresponding interdependent asset;
    2. the individual interdependent assets and liabilities are clearly identifiable and have the same principal amount;
    3. the asset and interdependent liability have substantially matched maturities, with a maximum delay of 20 days between the maturity of the asset and the maturity of the liability;
    4. the interdependent liability has been requested pursuant to a legal, regulatory or contractual commitment and is not used to fund other assets;
    5. the principal payment flows from the asset are not used for other purposes than repaying the interdependent liability;
    6. the counterparties for each pair of interdependent assets and liabilities are not the same.
  2. Assets and liabilities shall be considered to meet the conditions set out in paragraph 1 and be considered as interdependent where they are directly linked to the following products or services:
    1. centralised regulated savings, provided that institutions are legally required to transfer regulated deposits to a centralised fund which is set up and controlled by the central government of a Member State and which provides loans to promote public interest objectives, and provided that the transfer of deposits to the centralised fund occurs on at least a monthly basis;
    2. promotional loans and credit and liquidity facilities that fulfil the criteria set out in the delegated act referred to in Article 460(1) for institutions acting as simple intermediaries that do not incur any funding risk;
    3. covered bonds that meet all the following conditions:
      1. they are bonds referred to in Article 52(4) of Directive 2009/65/EC or they meet the eligibility requirements for the treatment set out in Article 129(4) or (5) of this Regulation;
      2. the underlying loans are fully match funded with the covered bonds that were issued or the covered bonds have non-discretionary extendable maturity triggers of one year or more until the term of the underlying loans in the event of refinancing failure at the maturity date of the covered bond;
    4. derivative client clearing activities, provided that the institution does not provide to its clients guarantees of the performance of the CCP and, as a result, does not incur any funding risk.
  3. EBA shall monitor assets and liabilities, as well as products and services that are treated as interdependent assets and liabilities under paragraphs 1 and 2, to determine whether and to what extent the suitability criteria laid down in paragraph 1 are met. EBA shall report to the Commission on the results of that monitoring and shall advise the Commission on whether an amendment to the conditions set out in paragraph 1 or an amendment to the list of products and services in paragraph 2 would be necessary.