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Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR)
Article 112

Article 112 — Exposure classes

Each exposure shall be assigned to one of the following exposure classes:

  1. exposures to central governments or central banks;
  2. exposures to regional governments or local authorities;
  3. exposures to public sector entities;
  4. exposures to multilateral development banks;
  5. exposures to international organisations;
  6. exposures to institutions;
  7. exposures to corporates;
  8. retail exposures;
  9. exposures secured by mortgages on immovable property;
  10. exposures in default;
  11. exposures associated with particularly high risk;
  12. exposures in the form of covered bonds;
  13. items representing securitisation positions;
  14. exposures to institutions and corporates with a short-term credit assessment;
  15. exposures in the form of units or shares in collective investment undertakings (CIUs);
  16. equity exposures;
  17. other items.