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On the establishment of a European instrument for temporary support to mitigate unemployment risks in an emergency (SURE) following the COVID-19 outbreak
Article 6

Article 6 — Procedure for requesting financial assistance

  1. Financial assistance shall be made available by means of a Council implementing decision adopted on the basis of a proposal from the Commission.
  2. Before submitting a proposal to the Council, the Commission shall consult the Member State concerned without undue delay to verify the sudden and severe increase in actual and possibly also planned public expenditure directly related to short-time work schemes and similar measures, as well as, where appropriate, to relevant health-related measures, in the Member State requesting financial assistance which are linked to the exceptional occurrence caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. To that end, the Member State concerned shall provide the Commission with appropriate evidence. In addition, the Commission shall verify compliance with the prudential rules laid down in Article 9.
  3. The Council implementing decision referred to in paragraph 1 shall contain:
    1. the amount of the loan, its maximum average maturity, its pricing formula, its maximum number of instalments, its availability period and the other detailed rules needed for the granting of the financial assistance;
    2. an assessment of the compliance by the Member State with the conditions set out in Article 3; and
    3. a description of the national short-time work schemes or similar measures, as well as, where appropriate, of the relevant health-related measures, that may be financed.
  4. When adopting an implementing decision as referred to in paragraph 1, the Council shall consider existing and expected needs of the requesting Member State, as well as requests for financial assistance pursuant to this Regulation already submitted or planned to be submitted by other Member States, while applying the principles of equal treatment, solidarity, proportionality and transparency.