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Supplementing Regulation (EU) 2017/1369 of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to energy labelling of light sources

ANNEX II — Energy efficiency classes and calculation method

The energy efficiency class of light sources shall be determined as set out in Table 1, on the basis of the total mains efficacy ηTM, which is calculated by dividing the declared useful luminous flux Φuse (expressed in lm) by the declared on-mode power consumption Pon (expressed in W) and multiplying by the applicable factor FTM of Table 2, as follows:

ηTM = (Φuse/Pon) × FTM (lm/W).

Table 1

Energy efficiency classes of light sources

Energy efficiency classTotal mains efficacy ηΤM (lm/W)
A210 ≤ ηΤM
B185 ≤ ηΤM < 210
C160 ≤ ηΤM < 185
D135 ≤ ηΤM < 160
E110 ≤ ηΤM < 135
F85 ≤ ηΤM < 110
GηΤM < 85
Table 2

Factors FTM by light source type

Light source typeFactor FTM
Non-directional (NDLS) operating on mains (MLS)1,000
Non-directional (NDLS) not operating on mains (NMLS)0,926
Directional (DLS) operating on mains (MLS)1,176
Directional (DLS) not operating on mains (NMLS)1,089