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On a pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) (Text with EEA relevance)
Article 52

Article 52 — Provision of the switching service

  1. PEPP providers shall provide a switching service transferring, upon a request of the PEPP saver, the corresponding amounts or, where applicable, assets-in-kind in accordance with paragraph 4, from a PEPP account held with the transferring PEPP provider to a new PEPP account with the same sub-accounts opened with the receiving PEPP provider, with closing the former PEPP account.

    When using the switching service, the transferring PEPP provider shall transfer all information linked to all sub-accounts of the former PEPP account, including reporting requirements, to the receiving PEPP provider. The receiving PEPP provider shall register that information in the corresponding sub-accounts.

    A PEPP saver may request to switch to a PEPP provider established in the same Member State (domestic switching) or in a different Member State (cross-border switching). The PEPP saver may exercise the right to switch providers during the accumulation phase and the decumulation phase of the PEPP.

  2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, during the decumulation phase, PEPP providers shall not be obliged to provide a switching service for PEPPs, where PEPP savers are receiving out-payments in the form of lifetime annuities.
  3. The PEPP saver may switch PEPP providers after a minimum of five years from the conclusion of the PEPP contract, and, in case of subsequent switching, after five years from the most recent switching, without prejudice to point (a) of Article 20(5). The PEPP provider may allow the PEPP saver to switch PEPP providers more frequently.
  4. Where the switching is between PEPP providers engaged in individual portfolio management for PEPP savers, PEPP savers may choose to transfer assets-in-kind or corresponding amounts. In all other cases, only the transfer of corresponding amounts shall be allowed.

    The written consent of the receiving PEPP provider shall be required where the PEPP saver requests a transfer of assets-in-kind.