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On a pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) (Text with EEA relevance)
Article 26

Article 26 — PEPP KID

  1. Before a PEPP is proposed to PEPP savers, the PEPP provider shall draw up a PEPP KID for that PEPP product in accordance with the requirements of this Section and shall publish the PEPP KID on its website.
  2. The PEPP KID shall constitute pre-contractual information. It shall be accurate, fair, clear and not misleading. It shall provide key information and shall be consistent with any binding contractual documents, with the relevant parts of the offer documents and with the terms and conditions of the PEPP.
  3. The PEPP KID shall be a stand-alone document, clearly separate from marketing materials. It shall not contain cross-references to marketing materials. It may contain cross-references to other documents including a prospectus where applicable, only where such cross-references are related to the information required to be included in the PEPP KID by this Regulation.

    A separate PEPP KID shall be drawn up for the Basic PEPP.

  4. Where a PEPP provider offers to a PEPP saver a range of alternative investment options such that all information required in Article 28(3) regarding those underlying investment options cannot be provided within a single, concise, stand-alone PEPP KID, PEPP providers shall produce one of the following:
    1. a stand-alone PEPP KID for each alternative investment option;
    2. a generic PEPP KID providing at least a generic description of the alternative investment options and stating where and how more detailed pre-contractual information relating to the investments backing those investments options can be found.
  5. In accordance with Article 24, the PEPP KID shall be drawn up as a short document written in a concise manner. It shall:
    1. be presented and laid out in a way that is easy to read, using characters of readable size;
    2. focus on the key information that PEPP customers need;
    3. be clearly expressed and written in language and a style that facilitates the understanding of the information and, in particular, in language that is clear, succinct and comprehensible.
  6. Where colours are used in the PEPP KID, they shall not diminish the comprehensibility of the information if the PEPP KID is printed or photocopied in black and white.
  7. Where the corporate branding or logo of the PEPP provider or the group to which it belongs is used in the PEPP KID, it shall not distract from the information contained in the document or obscure the text.
  8. In addition to the PEPP KID, PEPP providers and PEPP distributors shall provide prospective PEPP savers with references to any publicly available reports on the financial condition of the PEPP provider, including its solvency, allowing prospective PEPP savers easy access to this information.
  9. Prospective PEPP savers shall also be provided with information on the past performance of the PEPP saver’s investment option covering performance of a minimum of 10 years or, in cases where the PEPP has been provided for less than 10 years, covering all the years for which the PEPP has been provided. Information on past performance shall be accompanied by the statement past performance is not indicative of future performance.