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On a pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) (Text with EEA relevance)
Article 25

Article 25 — Product oversight and governance requirements

  1. PEPP providers shall maintain, operate and review a process for the approval of each PEPP, or significant adaptations of an existing PEPP, before it is distributed to PEPP customers.

    The product approval process shall be proportionate and appropriate to the nature of the PEPP.

    The product approval process shall specify an identified target market for each PEPP, ensure that all relevant risks to such identified target market are assessed and that the intended distribution strategy is consistent with the identified target market, and take reasonable steps to ensure that the PEPP is distributed to the identified target market.

    The PEPP provider shall understand and regularly review the PEPPs it provides, taking into account any event that could materially affect the potential risk to the identified target market, to assess at least whether the PEPPs remain consistent with the needs of the identified target market and whether the intended distribution strategy remains appropriate.

    PEPP providers shall make available to PEPP distributors all appropriate information on the PEPP and the product approval process, including the identified target market of the PEPP.

    PEPP distributors shall have in place adequate arrangements to obtain the information referred to in the fifth subparagraph and to understand the characteristics and identified target market of each PEPP.

  2. The policies, processes and arrangements referred to in this Article shall be without prejudice to all other requirements under or applying by virtue of this Regulation including those relating to disclosure, suitability or appropriateness, identification and management of conflicts of interest, inducements and ESG factors.