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Article 9

Article 9 — Additional technical specifications

  1. The Commission shall adopt implementing acts containing additional technical specifications for EU ETDs relating to the following:
    1. design, format and colours of the uniform EU ETD form and sticker;
    2. requirements for the material and printing techniques of the uniform EU ETD form;
    3. security features and requirements including enhanced anti-forgery, counterfeiting and falsification standards;
    4. other rules to be observed for the filling in and issuing of the EU ETD.

    Those implementing acts shall be adopted in accordance with the examination procedure referred to in Article 12(2).

  2. It may be decided that the additional technical specifications referred to in paragraph 1 shall be secret and not be published. In that case, they shall be made available only to the bodies designated by the Member States as responsible for the production of EU ETDs and to persons duly authorised by a Member State or the Commission.