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Concerning measures to safeguard the security of gas supply
Article 6d

Article 6d — Monitoring and enforcement

  1. Storage system operators shall report the filling level to the competent authority in each Member State where the underground gas storage facilities concerned are located and, if applicable, to an entity designated by that Member State (the designated entity) as follows:
    1. for 2022: on each of the intermediate targets set out in Annex Ia; and
    2. from 2023: as set pursuant to Article 6a(4).
  2. The competent authority and, if applicable, the designated entity of each Member State shall monitor the filling levels of the underground gas storage facilities on their territory at the end of each month and report the results to the Commission without undue delay.

    The Commission may, where appropriate, invite the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) to assist with such monitoring.

  3. Based on the information provided by the competent authority and, if applicable, the designated entity of each Member State, the Commission shall report regularly to the GCG.
  4. The GCG shall assist the Commission in the monitoring of the filling trajectories and the filling targets, and shall develop guidance for the Commission on adequate measures to ensure compliance in the event that Member States deviate from the filling trajectories or do not meet the filling targets.
  5. Member States shall take the necessary measures to meet the filling trajectories and the filling targets and to enforce upon market participants the storage obligations which are required to meet them, including by imposing sufficiently deterrent sanctions and fines on those market participants.

    Member States shall inform the Commission without delay of the enforcement measures taken pursuant to this paragraph.

  6. Where commercially sensitive information is to be exchanged, the Commission may convene meetings of the GCG that are restricted to itself and Member States.
  7. Any information exchanged shall be limited to that which is necessary for the purpose of monitoring compliance with this Regulation.

    The Commission, the national regulatory authorities and the Member States shall preserve the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information received for the purposes of carrying out their obligations.