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Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit)
Article 8

Article 8 — General requirements for enhanced reporting

  1. Reporting agents and their foreign branches that are not resident in a reporting Member State shall set up the necessary organisational structure and appropriate internal control mechanisms to ensure that the data that shall be reported on an individual basis under this Regulation, in accordance with Article 6, are duly processed and forwarded.
  2. Foreign branches that are not resident in a reporting Member State are not reporting agents under this Regulation. Reporting agents shall ensure that such foreign branches implement arrangements, processes and mechanisms to ensure the proper implementation of the reporting requirements on an individual basis.
  3. The statistical reporting requirements under this Regulation are without prejudice to any other current or future reporting requirements with regard to credit data in accordance with national law or other reporting frameworks.
  4. NCBs may collect the information to be transmitted to the ECB as a part of a broader national reporting framework that complies with relevant Union or national law. These broader reporting frameworks may include information that serves other purposes besides statistical purposes, such as supervisory needs.
  5. NCBs may obtain credit data from other sources.
  6. The minimum requirements for harmonisation, completeness, level of detail and identification of counterparties, of credit data are set out in the templates in Annex I.