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Schengen Borders
Article 17

Article 17 — Cooperation between Member States

  1. The Member States shall assist each other and shall maintain close and constant cooperation with a view to the effective implementation of border control, in accordance with Articles 7 to 16. They shall exchange all relevant information.
  2. Operational cooperation between Member States in the field of management of external borders shall be coordinated by the Agency.
  3. Without prejudice to the competences of the Agency, Member States may continue operational cooperation with other Member States and/or third countries at external borders, including the exchange of liaison officers, where such cooperation complements the action of the Agency.

    Member States shall refrain from any activity which could jeopardise the functioning of the Agency or the attainment of its objectives.

    Member States shall report to the Agency on the operational cooperation referred to in the first subparagraph.

  4. Member States shall provide for training on the rules for border control and on fundamental rights. In that regard, account shall be taken of the common training standards as established and further developed by the Agency.