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On European long-term investment funds
Article 17

Article 17 — Application of portfolio composition and diversification rules

  1. The investment limit laid down in Article 13(1) shall:
    1. apply by the date specified in the rules or instruments of incorporation of the ELTIF;
    2. cease to apply once the ELTIF starts to sell assets in order to redeem investors' units or shares after the end of the life of the ELTIF;
    3. be temporarily suspended where the ELTIF raises additional capital or reduces its existing capital, so long as such a suspension lasts no longer than 12 months.

    The date referred to in point (a) of the first subparagraph shall take account of the particular features and characteristics of the assets to be invested by the ELTIF, and shall be no later than either five years after the date of the authorisation as an ELTIF, or half the life of the ELTIF as determined in accordance with Article 18(3), whichever is the earlier. In exceptional circumstances, the competent authority of the ELTIF, upon submission of a duly justified investment plan, may approve an extension of this time limit by no more than one additional year.

  2. Where a long-term asset in which an ELTIF has invested is issued by a qualifying portfolio undertaking that no longer complies with point (b) of Article 11(1), the long-term asset may continue to be counted for the purpose of calculating the investment limit referred to in Article 13(1) for a maximum of three years from the date on which the qualifying portfolio undertaking no longer fulfils the requirements of point (b) of Article 11(1).