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Payment Services Directive (PSD II)
Article 96

Article 96 — Incident reporting

  1. In the case of a major operational or security incident, payment service providers shall, without undue delay, notify the competent authority in the home Member State of the payment service provider.

    Where the incident has or may have an impact on the financial interests of its payment service users, the payment service provider shall, without undue delay, inform its payment service users of the incident and of all measures that they can take to mitigate the adverse effects of the incident.

  2. Upon receipt of the notification referred to in paragraph 1, the competent authority of the home Member State shall, without undue delay, provide the relevant details of the incident to EBA and to the ECB. That competent authority shall, after assessing the relevance of the incident to relevant authorities of that Member State, notify them accordingly.

    EBA and the ECB shall, in cooperation with the competent authority of the home Member State, assess the relevance of the incident to other relevant Union and national authorities and shall notify them accordingly. The ECB shall notify the members of the European System of Central Banks on issues relevant to the payment system.

    On the basis of that notification, the competent authorities shall, where appropriate, take all of the necessary measures to protect the immediate safety of the financial system.

  3. By 13 January 2018, EBA shall, in close cooperation with the ECB and after consulting all relevant stakeholders, including those in the payment services market, reflecting all interests involved, issue guidelines in accordance with Article 16 of Regulation (EU) No 1093/2010 addressed to each of the following:
    1. payment service providers, on the classification of major incidents referred to in paragraph 1, and on the content, the format, including standard notification templates, and the procedures for notifying such incidents;
    2. competent authorities, on the criteria on how to assess the relevance of the incident and the details of the incident reports to be shared with other domestic authorities.
  4. EBA shall, in close cooperation with the ECB, review the guidelines referred to in paragraph 3 on a regular basis and in any event at least every 2 years.
  5. While issuing and reviewing the guidelines referred to in paragraph 3, EBA shall take into account standards and/or specifications developed and published by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security for sectors pursuing activities other than payment service provision.
  6. Member States shall ensure that payment service providers provide, at least on an annual basis, statistical data on fraud relating to different means of payment to their competent authorities. Those competent authorities shall provide EBA and the ECB with such data in an aggregated form.