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Anti Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 4)
Article 7

Article 7

  1. Each Member State shall take appropriate steps to identify, assess, understand and mitigate the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing affecting it, as well as any data protection concerns in that regard. It shall keep that risk assessment up to date.
  2. Each Member State shall designate an authority or establish a mechanism by which to coordinate the national response to the risks referred to in paragraph 1. The identity of that authority or the description of the mechanism shall be notified to the Commission, to EBA, and to the other Member States.
  3. In carrying out the risk assessments referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, Member States shall make use of the findings of the report referred to in Article 6(1).
  4. As regards the risk assessment referred to in paragraph 1, each Member State shall:
    1. use it to improve its AML/CFT regime, in particular by identifying any areas where obliged entities are to apply enhanced measures and, where appropriate, specifying the measures to be taken;
    2. identify, where appropriate, sectors or areas of lower or greater risk of money laundering and terrorist financing;
    3. use it to assist it in the allocation and prioritisation of resources to combat money laundering and terrorist financing;
    4. use it to ensure that appropriate rules are drawn up for each sector or area, in accordance with the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing;
    5. make appropriate information available promptly to obliged entities to facilitate the carrying out of their own money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessments;
    6. report the institutional structure and broad procedures of their AML/CFT regime, including, inter alia, the FIU, tax authorities and prosecutors, as well as the allocated human and financial resources to the extent that this information is available;
    7. report on national efforts and resources (labour forces and budget) allocated to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.
  5. Member States shall make the results of their risk assessments, including their updates, available to the Commission, to EBA and to the other Member States. Other Member States may provide relevant additional information, where appropriate, to the Member State carrying out the risk assessment. A summary of the assessment shall be made publicly available. That summary shall not contain classified information.