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Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Regulation (PRIIPs)
Article 18

Article 18

  1. EIOPA shall perform a facilitation and coordination role in relation to action taken by competent authorities under Article 17. In particular EIOPA shall ensure that action taken by a competent authority is justified and proportionate and that, where appropriate, a consistent approach is taken by competent authorities.
  2. After receiving notification under Article 17 of any action that is to be imposed under that Article, EIOPA shall adopt an opinion on whether the prohibition or restriction is justified and proportionate. If EIOPA considers that the taking of a measure by other competent authorities is necessary to address the risk, it shall state this in its opinion. The opinion shall be published on EIOPA's website.
  3. Where a competent authority proposes to take, or takes, action contrary to an opinion adopted by EIOPA under paragraph 2 or declines to take action contrary to such an opinion, it shall immediately publish on its website a notice fully explaining its reasons for so doing.