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Establishing the European Border Surveillance System (Eurosur)
Article 4

Article 4 — EUROSUR framework

  1. For the exchange of information and for the cooperation in the field of border surveillance, and taking into account existing information exchange and cooperation mechanisms, Member States and the Agency shall use the EUROSUR framework, consisting of the following components:
    1. national coordination centres;
    2. national situational pictures;
    3. a communication network;
    4. a European situational picture;
    5. a common pre-frontier intelligence picture;
    6. a common application of surveillance tools.
  2. The national coordination centres shall provide the Agency, via the communication network, with information from their national situational pictures which is required for the establishment and maintenance of the European situational picture and of the common pre-frontier intelligence picture.
  3. The Agency shall give the national coordination centres, via the communication network, unlimited access to the European situational picture and to the common pre-frontier intelligence picture.
  4. The components listed in paragraph 1 shall be established and maintained in line with the principles outlined in the Annex.