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Establishing the European Border Surveillance System (Eurosur)
Article 2

Article 2 — Scope

  1. This Regulation shall apply to the surveillance of external land and sea borders, including the monitoring, detection, identification, tracking, prevention and interception of unauthorised border crossings for the purpose of detecting, preventing and combating illegal immigration and cross-border crime and contributing to ensuring the protection and saving the lives of migrants.
  2. This Regulation may also apply to the surveillance of air borders as well as to checks at border crossing points if Member States voluntarily provide such information to EUROSUR.
  3. This Regulation shall not apply to any legal or administrative measure taken once the responsible authorities of a Member State have intercepted cross-border criminal activities or unauthorised crossings by persons of the external borders.
  4. Member States and the Agency shall comply with fundamental rights, in particular the principles of non-refoulement and respect for human dignity and data protection requirements, when applying this Regulation. They shall give priority to the special needs of children, unaccompanied minors, victims of human trafficking, persons in need of urgent medical assistance, persons in need of international protection, persons in distress at sea and other persons in a particularly vulnerable situation.