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Einheitlicher Bankenaufsichtsmechanismus (SSM)
Article 11

Article 11 — General investigations

  1. In order to carry out the tasks conferred on it by this Regulation, and subject to other conditions set out in relevant Union law, the ECB may conduct all necessary investigations of any person referred to in Article 10(1) established or located in a participating Member State.

    To that end, the ECB shall have the right to:

    1. require the submission of documents;
    2. examine the books and records of the persons referred to in Article 10(1) and take copies or extracts from such books and records;
    3. obtain written or oral explanations from any person referred to in Article 10(1) or their representatives or staff;
    4. interview any other person who consents to be interviewed for the purpose of collecting information relating to the subject matter of an investigation;
  2. The persons referred to in Article 10(1) shall be subject to investigations launched on the basis of a decision of the ECB.

    When a person obstructs the conduct of the investigation, the national competent authority of the participating Member State where the relevant premises are located shall afford, in compliance with national law, the necessary assistance including, in the cases referred to in Articles 12 and 13, facilitating the access by the ECB to the business premises of the legal persons referred to in Article 10(1), so that the aforementioned rights can be exercised.