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Asylum Procedures Directive
Article 41

Article 41 — Exceptions from the right to remain in case of subsequent applications

  1. Member States may make an exception from the right to remain in the territory where a person:
    1. has lodged a first subsequent application, which is not further examined pursuant to Article 40(5), merely in order to delay or frustrate the enforcement of a decision which would result in his or her imminent removal from that Member State; or
    2. makes another subsequent application in the same Member State, following a final decision considering a first subsequent application inadmissible pursuant to Article 40(5) or after a final decision to reject that application as unfounded.

    Member States may make such an exception only where the determining authority considers that a return decision will not lead to direct or indirect refoulement in violation of that Member State’s international and Union obligations.

  2. In cases referred to in paragraph 1, Member States may also:
    1. derogate from the time limits normally applicable in accelerated procedures, in accordance with national law, when the examination procedure is accelerated in accordance with Article 31(8)(g);
    2. derogate from the time limits normally applicable to admissibility procedures provided for in Articles 33 and 34, in accordance with national law; and/or
    3. derogate from Article 46(8).