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Asylum Procedures Directive
Article 34

Article 34 — Special rules on an admissibility interview

  1. Member States shall allow applicants to present their views with regard to the application of the grounds referred to in Article 33 in their particular circumstances before the determining authority decides on the admissibility of an application for international protection. To that end, Member States shall conduct a personal interview on the admissibility of the application. Member States may make an exception only in accordance with Article 42 in the case of a subsequent application.

    This paragraph shall be without prejudice to Article 4(2)(a) of this Directive and to Article 5 of Regulation (EU) No 604/2013.

  2. Member States may provide that the personnel of authorities other than the determining authority conduct the personal interview on the admissibility of the application for international protection. In such cases, Member States shall ensure that such personnel receive in advance the necessary basic training, in particular with respect to international human rights law, the Union asylum acquis and interview techniques.