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Asylum Procedures Directive
Article 13

Article 13 — Obligations of the applicants

  1. Member States shall impose upon applicants the obligation to cooperate with the competent authorities with a view to establishing their identity and other elements referred to in Article 4(2) of Directive 2011/95/EU. Member States may impose upon applicants other obligations to cooperate with the competent authorities insofar as such obligations are necessary for the processing of the application.
  2. In particular, Member States may provide that:
    1. applicants are required to report to the competent authorities or to appear before them in person, either without delay or at a specified time;
    2. applicants have to hand over documents in their possession relevant to the examination of the application, such as their passports;
    3. applicants are required to inform the competent authorities of their current place of residence or address and of any changes thereof as soon as possible. Member States may provide that the applicant shall have to accept any communication at the most recent place of residence or address which he or she indicated accordingly;
    4. the competent authorities may search the applicant and the items which he or she is carrying. Without prejudice to any search carried out for security reasons, a search of the applicant’s person under this Directive shall be carried out by a person of the same sex with full respect for the principles of human dignity and of physical and psychological integrity;
    5. the competent authorities may take a photograph of the applicant; and
    6. the competent authorities may record the applicant’s oral statements, provided he or she has previously been informed thereof.