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European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)
Article 77

Article 77 — Recognition of trade repositories

  1. A trade repository established in a third country may provide its services and activities to entities established in the Union for the purposes of Article 9 only after its recognition by ESMA in accordance with paragraph 2.
  2. A trade repository referred to in paragraph 1 shall submit to ESMA its application for recognition together with all necessary information, including at least the information necessary to verify that the trade repository is authorised and subject to effective supervision in a third country which:
    1. has been recognised by the Commission, by means of an implementing act pursuant to Article 75(1), as having an equivalent and enforceable regulatory and supervisory framework;
    2. has entered into an international agreement with the Union pursuant to Article 75(2); and
    3. has entered into cooperation arrangements pursuant to Article 75(3) to ensure that Union authorities, including ESMA, have immediate and continuous access to all the necessary information.

    Within 30 working days of receipt of the application, ESMA shall assess whether the application is complete. If the application is not complete, ESMA shall set a deadline by which the applicant trade repository has to provide additional information.

    Within 180 working days of the submission of a complete application, ESMA shall inform the applicant trade repository in writing with a fully reasoned explanation whether the recognition has been granted or refused.

    ESMA shall publish on its website a list of the trade repositories recognised in accordance with this Regulation.