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European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)
Article 21

Article 21 — Review and evaluation

  1. Without prejudice to the role of the college, the competent authorities referred to in Article 22 shall review the arrangements, strategies, processes and mechanisms implemented by CCPs to comply with this Regulation and evaluate the risks, including at least financial and operational risks, to which CCPs are, or might be, exposed.
  2. The review and evaluation referred to in paragraph 1 shall cover all the requirements on CCPs laid down in this Regulation.
  3. The competent authorities shall establish the frequency and depth of the review and evaluation referred to in paragraph 1, having particular regard to the size, systemic importance, nature, scale, complexity of the activities and interconnectedness with other financial market infrastructures of the CCPs concerned. The review and evaluation shall be updated at least on an annual basis.

    CCPs shall be subject to on-site inspections. Upon ESMA's request, competent authorities may invite ESMA staff to participate in on-site inspections.

    The competent authority may forward to ESMA any information received from the CCPs during or in relation to on-site inspections.

  4. The competent authorities shall regularly, and at least annually, inform the college of the results of the review and evaluation as referred to in paragraph 1, including any remedial action taken or penalty imposed.
  5. The competent authorities shall require any CCP that does not meet the requirements laid down in this Regulation to take the necessary action or steps at an early stage to address the situation.
  6. By 2 January 2021, in order to ensure consistency in the format, frequency and depth of the review carried out by the national competent authorities in accordance with this Article, ESMA shall issue guidelines in accordance with Article 16 of Regulation (EU) No 1095/2010 to specify further, in a manner that is appropriate to the size, the structure and the internal organisation of CCPs and the nature, scope and complexity of their activities, the common procedures and methodologies for the supervisory review and evaluation process referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 and in the first subparagraph of paragraph 3 of this Article.