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European Union roaming regulations (Eurotariff)
Article 8

Article 8 — Retail charges for regulated roaming calls

  1. Roaming providers shall make available and actively offer to all their roaming customers, clearly and transparently, a euro-voice tariff as provided for in paragraph 2. That tariff shall not entail any associated subscription or other fixed or recurring charges and may be combined with any retail tariff.

    When making this offer, roaming providers shall remind any of their roaming customers who had chosen a specific roaming tariff or package of the conditions applicable to that tariff or package.

  2. With effect from 1 July 2012, the retail charge (excluding VAT) for a euro-voice tariff which a roaming provider may levy on its roaming customer for the provision of a regulated roaming call may vary for any roaming call but shall not exceed EUR 0,29 per minute for any call made or EUR 0,08 per minute for any call received. The maximum retail charge for calls made shall decrease to EUR 0,24 on 1 July 2013 and to EUR 0,19 on 1 July 2014 and the maximum retail charge for calls received shall decrease to EUR 0,07 on 1 July 2013 and to EUR 0,05 on 1 July 2014. Without prejudice to Article 19 those maximum retail charges for the euro-voice tariff shall remain valid until 30 June 2017.

    Roaming providers shall not levy any charge on their roaming customers for the receipt by them of a roaming voicemail message. This shall be without prejudice to other applicable charges such as those for listening to such messages.

    Every roaming provider shall charge its roaming customers for the provision of any regulated roaming call to which a euro-voice tariff applies, whether made or received, on a per-second basis.

    The roaming provider may apply an initial minimum charging period not exceeding 30 seconds to calls made which are subject to a euro-voice tariff.

  3. Roaming providers shall apply a euro-voice tariff to all existing roaming customers automatically with the exception of such roaming customers who have already made a deliberate choice of a specific roaming tariff or package by virtue of which they benefit from a different tariff for regulated roaming calls than they would have been accorded in the absence of such a choice.
  4. Roaming providers shall apply a euro-voice tariff to all new roaming customers who do not make a deliberate choice to select a different roaming tariff or a tariff package for roaming services which includes a different tariff for regulated roaming calls.
  5. Any roaming customer may request to switch to or from a euro-voice tariff. Any switch shall be made within one working day of receipt of the request, shall be free of charge and shall not entail conditions or restrictions pertaining to other elements of the subscription, save that where a roaming customer who has subscribed to a special roaming package which includes more than one regulated roaming service wishes to switch to a euro-voice tariff, the roaming provider may require the switching customer to forego the benefits of the other elements of that package. A roaming provider may delay a switch until the previous roaming tariff has been effective for a minimum specified period not exceeding two months. A euro-voice tariff may always be combined with a euro-SMS tariff and a euro-data tariff.