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European Union roaming regulations (Eurotariff)
Article 7

Article 7 — Wholesale charges for the making of regulated roaming calls

  1. With effect from 15 June 2017, the average wholesale charge that the visited network operator may levy on the roaming provider for the provision of a regulated roaming call originating on that visited network, inclusive, among others, of origination, transit and termination costs, shall not exceed a safeguard limit of EUR 0,032 per minute. That maximum wholesale charge shall, without prejudice to Article 19, remain at EUR 0,032 until 30 June 2022.
  2. The average wholesale charge referred to in paragraph 1 shall apply between any pair of operators and shall be calculated over a 12-month period or any such shorter period as may remain before the end of the period of application of a maximum average wholesale charge, as provided for in paragraph 1 or before 30 June 2022.
  3. The average wholesale charge referred to in paragraph 1 shall be calculated by dividing the total wholesale roaming revenue received by the total number of wholesale roaming minutes actually used for the provision of wholesale roaming calls within the Union by the relevant operator over the relevant period, aggregated on a per-second basis adjusted to take account of the possibility for the operator of the visited network to apply an initial minimum charging period not exceeding 30 seconds.