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Seveso III Directive (Seveso III)
Article 7

Article 7 — Notification

  1. Member States shall require the operator to send a notification to the competent authority containing the following information:
    1. the name and/or trade name of the operator and the full address of the establishment concerned;
    2. the registered place of business of the operator, with the full address;
    3. the name and position of the person in charge of the establishment, if different from point (a);
    4. information sufficient to identify the dangerous substances and category of substances involved or likely to be present;
    5. the quantity and physical form of the dangerous substance or substances concerned;
    6. the activity or proposed activity of the installation or storage facility;
    7. the immediate environment of the establishment, and factors likely to cause a major accident or to aggravate the consequences thereof including, where available, details of neighbouring establishments, of sites that fall outside the scope of this Directive, areas and developments that could be the source of or increase the risk or consequences of a major accident and of domino effects.
  2. The notification or its update shall be sent to the competent authority within the following time-limits:
    1. for new establishments, a reasonable period of time prior to the start of construction or operation, or prior to the modifications leading to a change in the inventory of dangerous substances;
    2. for all other cases, one year from the date from which this Directive applies to the establishment concerned.
  3. Paragraphs 1 and 2 shall not apply if the operator has already sent a notification to the competent authority under the requirements of national legislation before 1 June 2015, and the information contained therein complies with paragraph 1 and has remained unchanged.
  4. The operator shall inform the competent authority in advance of the following events:
    1. any significant increase or decrease in the quantity or significant change in the nature or physical form of the dangerous substance present, as indicated in the notification provided by the operator pursuant to paragraph 1, or a significant change in the processes employing it;
    2. modification of an establishment or an installation which could have significant consequences in terms of major-accident hazards;
    3. the permanent closure of the establishment or its de-commissioning; or
    4. changes in the information referred to in points (a), (b) or (c) of paragraph 1.