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Seveso III Directive (Seveso III)
Article 2

Article 2 — Scope

  1. This Directive shall apply to establishments as defined in Article 3(1).
  2. This Directive shall not apply to any of the following:
    1. military establishments, installations or storage facilities;
    2. hazards created by ionising radiation originating from substances;
    3. the transport of dangerous substances and directly related intermediate temporary storage by road, rail, internal waterways, sea or air, outside the establishments covered by this Directive, including loading and unloading and transport to and from another means of transport at docks, wharves or marshalling yards;
    4. the transport of dangerous substances in pipelines, including pumping stations, outside establishments covered by this Directive;
    5. the exploitation, namely the exploration, extraction and processing, of minerals in mines and quarries, including by means of boreholes;
    6. the offshore exploration and exploitation of minerals, including hydrocarbons;
    7. the storage of gas at underground offshore sites including both dedicated storage sites and sites where exploration and exploitation of minerals, including hydrocarbons are also carried out;
    8. waste land-fill sites, including underground waste storage.

    Notwithstanding points (e) and (h) of the first subparagraph, onshore underground gas storage in natural strata, aquifers, salt cavities and disused mines and chemical and thermal processing operations and storage related to those operations which involve dangerous substances, as well as operational tailings disposal facilities, including tailing ponds or dams, containing dangerous substances shall be included within the scope of this Directive.