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Seveso III Directive (Seveso III)
Article 16

Article 16 — Information to be supplied by the operator and actions to be taken following a major accident

Member States shall ensure that, as soon as practicable following a major accident, the operator shall be required, using the most appropriate means to:

  1. inform the competent authority;
  2. provide the competent authority with the following information as soon as it becomes available:
    1. the circumstances of the accident;
    2. the dangerous substances involved;
    3. the data available for assessing the effects of the accident on human health, the environment and property;
    4. the emergency measures taken;
  3. inform the competent authority of the steps envisaged to:
    1. mitigate the medium-term and long-term effects of the accident;
    2. prevent any recurrence of such an accident;
  4. update the information provided if further investigation reveals additional facts which alter that information or the conclusions drawn.