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Parent-Subsidiary Directive


Correlation Table
Directive 90/435/EECThis Directive
Article 1(1) first to fourth indentsArticle 1(1)(a) to (d)
Article 1(2)Article 1(2)
Article 2(1) first part of the introductory phraseArticle 2 introductory phrase
Article 2(1) second part of the introductory phraseArticle 2(a), introductory phrase
Article 2(1)(a)Article 2(a)(i)
Article 2(1)(b)Article 2(a)(ii)
Article 2(1)(c) introductory phrase of the first subparagraph and second subparagraphArticle 2(a)(iii)
Article 2(1)(c), first subparagraph, first to twenty-seventh indentsAnnex I, Part B, first to twenty-seventh indents
Article 2(2)Article 2(b)
Article 3(1) introductory phraseArticle 3(1), introductory phrase
Article 3(1)(a) first subparagraph, initial wordsArticle 3(1)(a), introductory phrase
Article 3(1)(a) first subparagraph, final wordsArticle 3(1)(a)(i)
Article 3(1)(a) second subparagraphArticle 3(1)(a)(ii)
Article 3(1)(a) third subparagraph
Article 3(1)(a) fourth subparagraph
Article 3(1)(b)Article 3(1)(b)
Article 3(2) first and second indentsArticle 3(2)(a) and (b)
Article 4(1) first and second indentsArticle 4(1)(a) and (b)
Article 4(1a)Article 4(2)
Article 4(2) first sentenceArticle 4(3) first subparagraph
Article 4(2) second sentenceArticle 4(3) second subparagraph
Article 4(3) first subparagraphArticle 4(4)
Article 4(3) second subparagraphArticle 4(5)
Articles 5, 6 and 7Articles 5, 6 and 7
Article 8(1)
Article 8(2)Article 8
Article 9
Article 10
Article 9Article 11
AnnexAnnex I, Part A
Annex II
Annex III