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Supplementing Directive 2010/30/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to energy labelling of household refrigerating appliances (Text with EEA relevance)
Article 4

Article 4 — Responsibilities of dealers

Dealers shall ensure that:

  1. each household refrigerating appliance at the point of sale bears the label provided by suppliers in accordance with Article 3(a) on the outside of the front or top of the appliance, in such a way as to be clearly visible;
  2. household refrigerating appliances offered for sale, hire or hire purchase where the end-user cannot be expected to see the product displayed, are marketed with the information to be provided by the suppliers in accordance with Annex V. Where the offer for is made through the internet and an electronic label and an electronic product fiche have been made available in accordance with Article 3(f) and 3(g) the provisions of Annex X shall apply instead;
  3. any advertisement for a specific model of household refrigerating appliance contains its energy efficiency class, if the advertisement discloses energy-related or price information;
  4. any technical promotional material concerning a specific model of household refrigerating appliance, which describes its specific technical parameters, includes the energy efficiency class of that model.