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On the indication by labelling and standard product information of the consumption of energy and other resources by energy-related products ( )
Article 5

Article 5 — Responsibilities of suppliers

Member States shall ensure that:

  1. suppliers placing on the market or putting into service products covered by a delegated act supply a label and a fiche in accordance with this Directive and the delegated act;
  2. suppliers produce technical documentation which is sufficient to enable the accuracy of the information contained in the label and the fiche to be assessed. That technical documentation shall include:
    1. a general description of the product;
    2. where relevant, the results of design calculations carried out;
    3. test reports, where available, including those carried out by relevant notified organisations as defined under other Union legislation;
    4. where values are used for similar models, the references allowing identification of those models.

    To this end suppliers may use documentation already established in accordance with requirements laid down in relevant Union legislation;

  3. suppliers make the technical documentation available for inspection purposes for a period ending five years after the last product concerned was manufactured.

    Suppliers make available an electronic version of the technical documentation on request to the market surveillance authorities of the Member States and to the Commission within 10 working days on receipt of a request by the competent authority of a Member State or the Commission;

  4. in respect of labelling and product information, suppliers provide the necessary labels free of charge to dealers.

    Without prejudice to the suppliers’ choice of system for delivery of labels, suppliers promptly deliver labels on request from dealers;

  5. in addition to the labels, suppliers provide a product fiche;
  6. suppliers include a product fiche in all product brochures. Where product brochures are not provided by the supplier, the supplier provides fiches with other literature provided with the product;
  7. suppliers are responsible for the accuracy of the labels and fiches that they supply;
  8. suppliers are considered to have given consent to the publication of the information provided on the label or in the fiche.