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On conditions for access to the natural gas transmission networks
Article 18

Article 18 — Transparency requirements concerning transmission system operators

  1. The transmission system operator shall make public detailed information regarding the services it offers and the relevant conditions applied, together with the technical information necessary for network users to gain effective network access.
  2. In order to ensure transparent, objective and non-discriminatory tariffs and facilitate efficient utilisation of the gas network, transmission system operators or relevant national authorities shall publish reasonably and sufficiently detailed information on tariff derivation, methodology and structure.
  3. For the services provided, each transmission system operator shall make public information on technical, contracted and available capacities on a numerical basis for all relevant points including entry and exit points on a regular and rolling basis and in a user-friendly and standardised manner.
  4. The relevant points of a transmission system on which the information is to be made public shall be approved by the competent authorities after consultation with network users.
  5. The transmission system operator shall always disclose the information required by this Regulation in a meaningful, quantifiably clear and easily accessible manner and on a non-discriminatory basis.
  6. The transmission system operator shall make public ex-ante and ex-post supply and demand information, based on nominations, forecasts and realised flows in and out of the system. The national regulatory authority shall ensure that all such information is made public. The level of detail of the information that is made public shall reflect the information available to the transmission system operator.

    The transmission system operator shall make public measures taken as well as costs incurred and revenue generated to balance the system.

    The market participants concerned shall provide the transmission system operator with the data referred to in this Article.