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Establishing a programme to aid economic recovery by granting Community financial assistance to projects in the field of energy
Article 27

Article 27 — Evaluation

  1. By 30 June 2013 the Commission shall submit to the European Parliament and the Council a mid-term evaluation report on the measures taken under Chapter IIa focusing in particular on:
    1. the cost-effectiveness, leverage effect and additionality demonstrated by the facility;
    2. evidence of sound financial management;
    3. the extent to which the facility has achieved the objectives set out in this Regulation;
    4. the extent to which continued support under the facility for projects relating to energy efficiency and energy from renewable sources is required.

    The mid-term evaluation report shall, if appropriate, and in particular if the Commission’s assessment of the measures taken under Chapter IIa is positive, be accompanied by a legislative proposal for the continuation of the facility.

  2. The Commission may request a beneficiary Member State to provide a specific evaluation of projects financed under Section 1 of Chapter II of this Regulation or, where appropriate, to supply it with the information and assistance required to undertake an evaluation of such projects.