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Establishing a programme to aid economic recovery by granting Community financial assistance to projects in the field of energy
Article 21a

Article 21a — Funding that cannot be committed under Chapter II

  1. Funding which according to Article 3(2) cannot be subject to individual legal commitments under Chapter II for an amount of EUR 146344644,50 shall be for the facility referred to in the fourth paragraph of Article 1, for the purpose of developing suitable funding instruments in cooperation with financial institutions, so as to give a major stimulus to energy efficiency projects and projects for the exploitation of renewable energy sources.
  2. The facility shall be implemented in compliance with Annex II. Article 23(1) shall not apply to the facility.
  3. The Union’s exposure to the facility, including management fees and other eligible costs, shall be limited to the amount of the Union contribution to that facility specified in paragraph 1, and there shall be no further liability on the general budget of the Union.