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Establishing a programme to aid economic recovery by granting Community financial assistance to projects in the field of energy


      A.Gas and Electricity infrastructure projects

      1.Gas interconnectors

      ProjectLocation of projects supported

      Envisaged Community contribution

      (EUR million)

      Southern Gas Corridor
      NABUCCOAustria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania200
      ITGI – PoseidonItaly, Greece100
      Baltic interconnection
      Skanled/Baltic pipePoland, Denmark, Sweden150
      LNG network
      Liquefied Natural Gas terminal at Polish coast at port of ŚwinoujściePoland80
      Central and South East Europe
      Slovakia-Hungary Interconnector (Veľký Krtíš - Vecsés)Slovakia, Hungary30
      Gas transmission system in Slovenia between the Austrian Border to Ljubljana (excluding the section Rogatec-Kidričevo)Slovenia40
      Interconnection Bulgaria-Greece (Stara Zagora — Dimitrovgrad-Komotini)Bulgaria, Greece45
      Romania-Hungary gas interconnectorRomania, Hungary30
      Expansion of Gas Storage Capacity in the Czech hubCzech Republic35
      Infrastructure and equipment to permit reverse gas flow in the event of short term supply disruptionAustria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia80
      Slovakia-Poland interconnectionSlovakia, Poland20
      Hungary-Croatia interconnectionHungary20
      Bulgaria-Romania interconnectionBulgaria, Romania10
      Reinforcement of FR gas network on the Africa-Spain-France axisFrance200
      GALSI (Gazoduc Algérie-Italie)Italy120
      Gas Interconnection Western Axis Larrau BranchSpain45
      North Sea area
      Germany-Belgium-United Kingdom pipelineBelgium35
      France-Belgium connectionFrance, Belgium200
      TOTAL 1440

      2.Electricity interconnectors

      ProjectLocation of projects supported

      Envisaged Community contribution

      (EUR million)

      Baltic interconnection
      Estlink-2Estonia, Finland100
      Interconnection Sweden-Baltic States, and strengthening of the grid in Baltic StatesSweden, Latvia, Lithuania175
      Central and South East Europe
      Halle/Saale – SchweinfurtGermany100
      Wien-GyőrAustria, Hungary20
      Portugal-Spain interconnection reinforcementPortugal50
      Interconnection France-Spain (Baixas - Sta Llogaia)France, Spain225
      New 380 kV AC submarine cable between Sicily – Continental Italy (Sorgente – Rizziconi)Italy110
      North Sea area
      500 MW Ireland/Wales interconnector (Meath-Deeside)Ireland, United Kingdom110
      Electricity interconnection Malta-ItalyMalta/Italy20
      TOTAL 910

      3.Small island projects

      Small isolated island initiativesCyprus10
      TOTAL 15

      B.Offshore wind projects

      ProjectCapacityLocation of projects supported

      Envisaged Community contribution

      (EUR million)

      1. Grid integration of offshore wind energy
      1. Baltic – Kriegers Flak I, II, III

        Building on projects under development. Financing aimed at ensuring extra cost for securing a joint interconnection solution.

      1,5 GWDenmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland150
      1. North sea grid

        Modular development of offshore grid, demonstration of virtual offshore power plant and integration in the existing onshore grid system.

      1 GWUnited Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Luxembourg165
      1. New turbines, structures and components, optimisation of manufacturing capacities
      1. Borkum West II – Bard 1 – Nordsee Ost – Global Tech I

        New generation of multi-megawatt size turbines (5-7 MW) and innovative structures, situated far from shore (up to 100 km) in deeper waters (up to 40 m).

      1,6 GWGermany200
      1. Aberdeen offshore wind farm (European testing centre)

        Building on project presently under development – testing of multi-MW turbines. Development of innovative structures and substructures including optimisation of manufacturing capacities of offshore wind energy production equipment. An increase in size of 100 MW can be envisaged.

      0,25 GWUnited Kingdom40
      1. Thornton Bank

        Building on project presently under development. Learning from the Downvind project (cofinanced through FP6). Upscaling the Downvind installations turbines (5 MW size) in deep waters (up to 30 m) with low visual impact (up to 30 km).

      90 MWBelgium10
      TOTAL 565

      C.Carbon capture and storage projects

      Project Name/Location

      Envisaged Community contribution

      (EUR million)

      FuelCapacityCapture TechniqueStorage Concept
      HuerthGermany180Coal450 MWIGCCSaline Aquifer
      Jaenschwalde Coal500 MWOxyfuelOil/Gas fields
      EemshavenNetherlands180Coal1200 MWIGCCOil/Gas fields
      RotterdamCoal1080 MWPCOil/Gas fields
      RotterdamCoal800 MWPCOil/Gas fields
      BełchatówPoland180Coal858 MWPCSaline Aquifer



      Spain180Coal500 MWOxyfuelSaline Aquifer
      KingsnorthUnited Kingdom180Coal800 MWPCOil/Gas fields
      LongannetCoal3390 MWPCSaline Aquifer
      TilburyCoal1600 MWPCOil/Gas fields



      Coal900 MWIGCCOil/Gas fields
      Porto TolleItaly100Coal660 MWPC
      Industrial carbon capture project
      FlorangeFrance50Transport of CO2 from industrial installation (steel plant) to underground storage (saline aquifer)