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Ecodesign Directive
Article 21

Article 21 — Review

Not later than 2012, the Commission shall review the effectiveness of this Directive and of its implementing measures, including, inter alia:

  1. the methodology for the identification and coverage of significant environmental parameters, such as resource efficiency, considering the whole life cycle of products;
  2. the threshold for implementing measures;
  3. market surveillance mechanisms; and
  4. any relevant self-regulation stimulated.

    Following this review, and considering, in particular, the experience related to the extended scope of this Directive, the Commission shall assess, notably, the appropriateness of extending the scope of the Directive to non-energy-related products, in order to significantly reduce environmental impacts throughout such products’ whole life cycle, after consultation of the Consultation Forum referred to in Article 18, and shall, as appropriate, present proposals to the European Parliament and the Council for amending this Directive.