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Ecodesign Directive
Article 12

Article 12 — Administrative cooperation and exchange of information

  1. Member States shall ensure that appropriate measures are taken in order to encourage the authorities responsible for implementing this Directive to cooperate with each other and provide each other and the Commission with information in order to assist the operation of this Directive and, in particular, to assist in the implementation of Article 7.

    The administrative cooperation and exchange of information shall take utmost advantage of electronic means of communication and may be supported by relevant Community programmes.

    Member States shall inform the Commission of the authorities responsible for applying this Directive.

  2. The precise nature and structure of the exchange of information between the Commission and Member States shall be decided in accordance with the regulatory procedure referred to in Article 19(2).
  3. The Commission shall take appropriate measures in order to encourage and contribute to the cooperation between Member States, referred to in this Article.