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Ecodesign Directive
Article 10

Article 10 — Harmonised standards

  1. Member States shall, as far as possible, ensure that appropriate measures are taken to enable interested parties to be consulted at national level on the process of preparing and monitoring harmonised standards.
  2. Where a Member State or the Commission considers that harmonised standards the application of which is presumed to satisfy specific provisions of an applicable implementing measure do not entirely satisfy those provisions, the Member State concerned or the Commission shall inform the Standing Committee set up under Article 5 of Directive 98/34/EC to that effect, indicating the reasons therefor. The Committee shall issue an opinion as a matter of urgency.
  3. In the light of that Committee’s opinion, the Commission shall decide whether to publish, not to publish, to publish with restriction, to maintain or to withdraw the references to the harmonised standards concerned in the Official Journal of the European Union.
  4. The Commission shall inform the European standardisation body concerned and, if necessary, issue a new mandate with a view to revising the harmonised standards concerned.