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Establishing a multiannual Community programme on protecting children using the Internet and other communication technologies (Text with EEA relevance)
Article 3

Article 3 — Competences of the Commission

  1. The Commission shall be responsible for the implementation of the Programme.
  2. The Commission shall prepare annual work programmes on the basis of this Decision.
  3. In implementing the Programme, the Commission shall, in close cooperation with the Member States, ensure general consistency and complementarity with other relevant Community policies, programmes and actions.
  4. The Commission shall act in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 4(2) for the purposes of:
    1. adopting and modifying the annual work programmes, including determining the priority areas for international cooperation;
    2. assessing the projects proposed following calls for proposals for Community funding where the estimated Community contribution is equal to, or more than, EUR 500000;
    3. implementing measures for evaluating the Programme.
  5. The Commission shall inform the committee referred to in Article 4 of progress in the implementation of the Programme. In particular, the Commission shall inform that committee immediately about all selection decisions taken on matters falling outside of the scope of paragraph 4 of this Article.