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On the selection and authorisation of systems providing mobile satellite services (MSS) (Text with EEA relevance)
Article 5

Article 5 — First selection phase

  1. Within 40 working days following publication of the list of admissible applicants, the Commission shall assess whether applicants have demonstrated the required level of technical and commercial development of their respective mobile satellite systems. Such assessment shall rely on the satisfactory completion of milestones one to five as set out in the Annex. The credibility of applicants and the viability of the proposed mobile satellite systems shall be taken into account throughout the first selection phase.
  2. If the combined demand for radio spectrum requested by eligible applicants retained according to paragraph 1 of this Article does not exceed the amount of radio spectrum available identified in Article 1(1), the Commission shall, by means of a reasoned decision, determine, in accordance with the regulatory procedure referred to in Article 10(3), that all eligible applicants shall be selected and identify the respective frequencies which each selected applicant shall be authorised to use, in each Member State, in accordance with Title III.
  3. The Commission shall forthwith inform the applicants whether their applications have been considered as eligible for the second selection phase or have been selected according to paragraph 2. The Commission shall publish the list of eligible or selected applicants. Within 30 working days of such publication, eligible applicants that intend to proceed no further in the selection procedure, and selected applicants that intend not to use the radio frequencies, shall inform the Commission thereof in writing.