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On the selection and authorisation of systems providing mobile satellite services (MSS) (Text with EEA relevance)
Article 4

Article 4 — Admissibility of applications

  1. The following admissibility requirements shall apply:
    1. applicants shall be established in the Community;
    2. applications shall identify the amount of radio spectrum requested, which shall be no more than 15 MHz for earth to space and 15 MHz for space to earth in relation to any single applicant and shall include statements and evidence concerning the radio spectrum requested, the required milestones and the selection criteria;
    3. applications shall include a commitment on the part of the applicant that:
      1. the mobile satellite system proposed shall cover a service area of at least 60 % of the aggregate land area of the Member States, from the time the provision of MSS commences;
      2. MSS shall be available in all Member States and to at least 50 % of the population and over at least 60 % of the aggregate land area of each Member State by the time stipulated by the applicant but in any event no later than seven years from the date of publication of the Commission’s decision adopted pursuant to Articles 5(2) or 6(3).
  2. Applications shall be submitted to the Commission. The Commission may request applicants to supply additional information regarding the fulfilment of admissibility requirements within a specific time frame of between five and 20 working days. The application shall be deemed inadmissible if such information is not supplied within the specified time frame.
  3. The Commission shall decide on the admissibility of applications. Any decision of the Commission on non-admissibility of applications shall be reasoned and adopted in accordance with the advisory procedure referred to in Article 10(2).
  4. The Commission shall forthwith inform the applicants whether their applications have been considered as admissible and publish the list of admissible applicants.