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Health Claims
Article 3

Article 3 — General principles for all claims

Nutrition and health claims may be used in the labelling, presentation and advertising of foods placed on the market in the Community only if they comply with the provisions of this Regulation.

Without prejudice to Directives 2000/13/EC and 84/450/EEC, the use of nutrition and health claims shall not:

  1. be false, ambiguous or misleading;
  2. give rise to doubt about the safety and/or the nutritional adequacy of other foods;
  3. encourage or condone excess consumption of a food;
  4. state, suggest or imply that a balanced and varied diet cannot provide appropriate quantities of nutrients in general. Derogations in the case of nutrients for which sufficient quantities cannot be provided by a balanced and varied diet, including the conditions for their application, and designed to amend non-essential elements of this Regulation by supplementing it may be adopted in accordance with the regulatory procedure with scrutiny referred to in Article 25(3), taking into account the special conditions present in Member States;
  5. refer to changes in bodily functions which could give rise to or exploit fear in the consumer, either textually or through pictorial, graphic or symbolic representations.