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Services Directive
Article 10

Article 10 — Condiations for the granting of authorisation

  1. Authorisation schemes shall be based on criteria which preclude the competent authorities from exercising their power of assessment in an arbitrary manner.
  2. The criteria referred to in paragraph 1 shall be:
    1. non-discriminatory;
    2. justified by an overriding reason relating to the public interest;
    3. proportionate to that public interest objective;
    4. clear and unambiguous;
    5. objective;
    6. made public in advance;
    7. transparent and accessible.
  3. The conditions for granting authorisation for a new establishment shall not duplicate requirements and controls which are equivalent or essentially comparable as regards their purpose to which the provider is already subject in another Member State or in the same Member State. The liaison points referred to in Article 28(2) and the provider shall assist the competent authority by providing any necessary information regarding those requirements.
  4. The authorisation shall enable the provider to have access to the service activity, or to exercise that activity, throughout the national territory, including by means of setting up agencies, subsidiaries, branches or offices, except where an authorisation for each individual establishment or a limitation of the authorisation to a certain part of the territory is justified by an overriding reason relating to the public interest.
  5. The authorisation shall be granted as soon as it is established, in the light of an appropriate examination, that the conditions for authorisation have been met.
  6. Except in the case of the granting of an authorisation, any decision from the competent authorities, including refusal or withdrawal of an authorisation, shall be fully reasoned and shall be open to challenge before the courts or other instances of appeal.
  7. This Article shall not call into question the allocation of the competences, at local or regional level, of the Member States' authorities granting authorisations.