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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
Article 67

Article 67

Estimates of all the revenue and expenditure of the Agency shall be prepared for each financial year, corresponding to the calendar year, and shall be shown in the budget of the Agency.
The revenue and expenditure shown in the budget shall be in balance.

The Agency’s revenue shall consist of:


a contribution from the Union;


a contribution from third countries participating in the work of the Agency with which the Union has concluded international agreements for this purpose;


fees paid by undertakings:


for obtaining and maintaining Union marketing authorisations for medicinal products for human use and for veterinary medicinal products and for other services provided by the Agency, as provided for in this Regulation and in Regulation (EU) 2019/6; and


for services provided by the coordination group as regards the fulfilment of its tasks in accordance with Articles 107c, 107e, 107g, 107k and 107q of Directive 2001/83/EC;


charges for other services provided by the Agency;


Union funding in the form of grants for participation in research and assistance projects, in accordance with the Agency’s financial rules referred to in Article 68(11) and with the provisions of the relevant instruments supporting the policies of the Union.

The European Parliament and the Council (the budgetary authority) shall re-examine, when necessary, the level of the Union contribution, referred to in point (a) of the first subparagraph, on the basis of an evaluation of needs and by taking account of the level of fees referred to in point (c) of the first subparagraph.

Activities relating to pharmacovigilance, to the operation of communications networks and to market surveillance shall be under the permanent control of the Management Board in order to guarantee the independence of the Agency. This shall not preclude the Agency from charging fees to marketing authorisation holders for performing these activities by the Agency on the condition that its independence is strictly guaranteed.
The expenditure of the Agency shall include staff remuneration, administrative and infrastructure costs, and operating expenses as well as expenses resulting from contracts entered into with third parties.
Each year the Management Board, on the basis of a draft drawn up by the Executive Director, shall produce an estimate of revenue and expenditure for the Agency for the following financial year. This estimate, which shall include a draft establishment plan, shall be forwarded by the Management Board to the Commission by 31 March at the latest.
The estimate shall be forwarded by the Commission to the budgetary authority together with the preliminary draft general budget of the European Union.
On the basis of the estimate, the Commission shall enter in the preliminary draft general budget of the European Union the estimates it deems necessary for the establishment plan and the amount of the subsidy to be charged to the general budget, which it shall place before the budgetary authority in accordance with Article 272 of the Treaty.
The budgetary authority shall authorise the appropriations for the subsidy to the Agency.

The budgetary authority shall adopt the establishment plan for the Agency.

The budget shall be adopted by the Management Board. It shall become final following final adoption of the general budget of the European Union. Where appropriate, it shall be adjusted accordingly.
Any modification of the establishment plan and of the budget shall be the subject of an amending budget, which is forwarded for the purposes of information to the budgetary authority.
The Management Board shall, as soon as possible, notify the budgetary authority of its intention to implement any project which may have significant financial implications for the funding of its budget, in particular any projects relating to property such as the rental or purchase of buildings. It shall inform the Commission thereof.

Where a branch of the budgetary authority has notified its intention to deliver an opinion, it shall forward its opinion to the Management Board within a period of six weeks from the date of notification of the project.