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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
Article 62

Article 62

►M5 Where, in accordance with this Regulation, any of the Committees referred to in Article 56(1) is required to evaluate a medicinal product for human use, it shall appoint one of its members to act as rapporteur, taking into account existing expertise in the Member State. The Committee concerned may appoint a second member to act as co-rapporteur.

A rapporteur appointed for this purpose by the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee shall closely collaborate with the rapporteur appointed by the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use or the Reference Member State for the medicinal product for human use concerned.


When consulting the scientific advisory groups referred to in Article 56(2), the Committee shall forward to them the draft assessment report or reports drawn up by the rapporteur or the co-rapporteur. The opinion issued by the scientific advisory group shall be forwarded to the chairman of the relevant committee in such a way as to ensure that the deadlines laid down in Article 6(3) are met.

The substance of the opinion shall be included in the assessment report published pursuant to Article 13(3).


If there is a request for re-examination of one of its opinions where this possibility is provided for in Union law, the Committee concerned shall appoint a different rapporteur and, where necessary, a different co-rapporteur from those appointed for the initial opinion. The re-examination procedure may deal only with the points of the opinion initially identified by the applicant and may be based only on the scientific data available when the Committee adopted the initial opinion. The applicant may request that the Committee consult a scientific advisory group in connection with the re-examination.

Member States shall transmit to the Agency the names of national experts with proven experience in the evaluation of medicinal products for human use and veterinary medicinal products who, taking into account Article 63(2), would be available to serve on working parties or scientific advisory groups of any of the committees referred to in Article 56(1), together with an indication of their qualifications and specific areas of expertise.

The Agency shall establish and maintain a list of accredited experts. That list shall include the national experts referred to in the first subparagraph and any other experts appointed by the Agency or the Commission, and shall be updated.

The provision of services by rapporteurs or experts shall be governed by a written contract between the Agency and the person concerned, or where appropriate between the Agency and his employer.

The person concerned, or his employer, shall be remunerated in accordance with a scale of fees to be included in the financial arrangements established by the Management Board.


The first and second subparagraphs shall also apply to the work of rapporteurs in the coordination group as regards the fulfilment of its tasks in accordance with Articles 107c, 107e, 107g, 107k and 107q of Directive 2001/83/EC.

The performance of scientific services for which there are several potential providers may result in a call for an expression of interest, if the scientific and technical context allows, and if it is compatible with the tasks of the Agency, in particular to ensure a high level of public health protection.

The Management Board shall adopt the appropriate procedures on a proposal from the Executive Director.

The Agency or any of the committees referred to in Article 56(1) may use the services of experts for the discharge of other specific tasks for which they are responsible.