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On the promotion of cogeneration based on a useful heat demand in the internal energy market
Article 5

Article 5 — Guarantee of origin of electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration

  1. On the basis of the harmonised efficiency reference values referred to in Article 4(1), Member States shall, not later than six months after adoption of these values, ensure that the origin of electricity produced from high-efficiency cogeneration can be guaranteed according to objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria laid down by each Member State. They shall ensure that this guarantee of origin of the electricity enable producers to demonstrate that the electricity they sell is produced from high efficiency cogeneration and is issued to this effect in response to a request from the producer.
  2. Member States may designate one or more competent bodies, independent of generation and distribution activities, to supervise the issue of the guarantee of origin referred to in paragraph 1.
  3. Member States or the competent bodies shall put in place appropriate mechanisms to ensure that the guarantee of origin are both accurate and reliable and they shall outline in the report referred to in Article 10(1) the measures taken to ensure the reliability of the guarantee system.
  4. Schemes for the guarantee of origin do not by themselves imply a right to benefit from national support mechanisms.
  5. A guarantee of origin shall:
    • specify the lower calorific value of the fuel source from which the electricity was produced, specify the use of the heat generated together with the electricity and finally specify the dates and places of production,
    • specify the quantity of electricity from high efficiency cogeneration in accordance with Annex II that the guarantee represents,
    • specify the primary energy savings calculated in accordance with Annex III based on harmonised efficiency reference values established by the Commission as referred to in Article 4(1).

      Member States may include additional information on the guarantee of origin.

  6. Such guarantees of origin, issued according to paragraph 1, should be mutually recognised by the Member States, exclusively as proof of the elements referred in paragraph 5. Any refusal to recognise a guarantee of origin as such proof, in particular for reasons relating to the prevention of fraud, must be based on objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria.

    In the event of refusal to recognise a guarantee of origin, the Commission may compel the refusing party to recognise it, particularly with regard to objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria on which such recognition is based.