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Insurance Mediation Directive
Article 6

Article 6 — Notification of establishment and services in other Member States

  1. Any insurance or reinsurance intermediary intending to carry on business for the first time in one or more Member States under the freedom to provide services or the freedom of establishment shall inform the competent authorities of the home Member State.

    Within a period of one month after such notification, those competent authorities shall inform the competent authorities of any host Member States wishing to know, of the intention of the insurance or reinsurance intermediary and shall at the same time inform the intermediary concerned.

    The insurance or reinsurance intermediary may start business one month after the date on which he was informed by the competent authorities of the home Member State of the notification referred to in the second subparagraph. However, that intermediary may start business immediately if the host Member State does not wish to be informed of the fact.

  2. Member States shall notify the Commission of their wish to be informed in accordance with paragraph 1. The Commission shall in turn notify all the Member States of this.
  3. The competent authorities of the host Member State may take the necessary steps to ensure appropriate publication of the conditions under which, in the interest of the general good, the business concerned must be carried on in their territories.