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Decision No 1346/2001/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 amending Decision No 1692/96/EC as regards seaports, inland ports and intermodal terminals as well as project No 8 in Annex III
Article 1

Article 1

Decision No 1692/96/EC is hereby amended as follows:

  1. Article 11 shall be amended as follows:
    1. paragraph 3 shall be replaced by the following: "3. Inland ports shall form part of the network, in particular as points of interconnection between the waterways referred to in paragraph 2 and Article 14 and other modes of transport."
    2. The following paragraph shall be inserted: "3a. The network shall include inland ports
    3. open to commercial traffic,
    4. located on the network of inland waterways as shown in the outline in Annex I, Section 4,
    5. interconnected with other trans-European transport routes as shown in Annex I, and
    6. equipped with transhipment facilities for intermodal transport or with an annual freight traffic volume of at least 500000 tonnes."
  2. Article 12 shall be replaced by the following: "Article 12


  3. Seaports shall permit the development of sea transport and shall constitute shipping links for islands and the points of interconnection between sea transport and other modes of transport. They shall provide equipment and services to transport operators. Their infrastructure shall provide a range of services for passenger and goods transport, including ferry services and short- and long-distance shipping services, including coastal shipping, within the Community and between the latter and non-member countries.
  4. The seaports included in the network shall correspond to one of the categories, A, B or C, defined below:

    A. international seaports: ports with a total annual traffic volume of not less than 1,5 million tonnes of freight or 200000 passengers which, unless it is an impossibility, are connected with the overland elements of the trans-European transport network and therefore play a major role in international maritime transport;

    B. Community seaports, not included in category A: these ports have a total annual traffic volume of not less than 0,5 million tonnes of freight or between 100000 and 199999 passengers, are connected, unless it is an impossibility, with the overland elements of the trans-European transport network and are equipped with the necessary transhipment facilities for short-distance sea shipping;

    C. regional ports: these ports do not meet the criteria of categories A and B but are situated in island, peripheral or outermost regions, interconnecting such regions by sea and/or connecting them with the central regions of the Community.

    The seaports in category A shall be shown on the indicative maps in the outline plans in Section 5 of Annex I, on the basis of the most recent port data.

  5. In addition to the criteria set out in Article 7, seaport projects of common interest related to seaports included in the trans-European seaport network shall comply with the criteria and specifications in Annex II."
  6. Article 14 shall be replaced by the following: "Article 14


    The trans-European combined transport network shall comprise:

    - railways and inland waterways which are suitable for combined transport and shipping which, combined where appropriate with the shortest possible initial and/or terminal road haulage, permit the long-distance transport of goods,

    - intermodal terminals equipped with installations permitting transhipment between railways, inland waterways, shipping routes and roads,

    - suitable rolling stock, on a provisional basis, where the characteristics of the infrastructure, as yet unadapted, so require."

  7. Article 19 shall be replaced by the following: "Article 19

    Specific projects