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Decision No 1346/2001/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 amending Decision No 1692/96/EC as regards seaports, inland ports and intermodal terminals as well as project No 8 in Annex III
5. Annex I shall be amended as follows:

5. Annex I shall be amended as follows:

  1. in the contents

    - the title of Section 4 Inland waterway network shall be replaced by: Inland waterway network and inland ports,

    - Section 5 shall be replaced by the following: "Section 5: Seaports - Category A

    1. 0. Europe
    2. 1. Baltic Sea
    3. 2. North Sea
    4. 3. Atlantic Ocean
    5. 4. Mediterranean Sea - western part
    6. 5. Mediterranean Sea - eastern part",

      - in Section 7 Combined transport network, point 7.2 shall be deleted;

  2. as regards the maps corresponding to Sections 4 and 5:

    - the map showing Section 4 shall be replaced by those annexed to this Decision. These maps identify also inland ports which are equipped with transhipment facilities for combined transport and shall replace the map showing point 7.2,

    - the maps showing Section 5 as they appear in the Annex to this Decision shall be inserted.